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RCBot2 1.5

Posted: Tue 13. Dec 2022, 19:25
by donkey
RCBot2 1.5
  • Added Scream Fortress 2022 waypoints
  • Added TF2 waypoints for the map variants of dustbowl, 2fort, badlands, degrootcreep and more MVM maps
  • Added further support for bots to kill skeletons
  • Modernised Visibility code
  • Removed redundant else statements
  • Reduced chance of bots camping in Defend wps (default config.ini)
  • Fixed RocketJump with Use conflict Waypoint Flags
  • To allow bots to menuselect in order to buy upgrades for MVM
  • CBotTF2::changeClass needs implemented to avoid bots punting when using ClassRestrictionsForBots.smx
  • And to add TF2C support along with Synergy, Black Mesa Source, Counter-Strike: Source and SDK2013
Special thanks to caxanga334, pongo1231, nosoop and of course you for testing and making those useful waypoints!
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